Peace of Mind
Being aware of your loved one's safety and whereabouts at all times is priceless.
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Smart is as smart does. The future of wearables is now.

AdamanaTM is smart wearables in the form of integrated smart ID card or smart watch. It is a personal tracker and two way communicator via existing cellular networks.

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Communicate just like making a phone call


One-click update via GPS, WPS and LBS up to few meters accuracy


SOS button for quick alert in times of trouble


Set security zone via geofencing so that any movement out of safe area is marked

Slim and lightweight design

So slim, you won’t even notice that it’s there.

Peace of mind when you need it most!

A small price to pay to have your loved one just a click and call away.

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Bind, not Pair

Each device works independently on its own without the need to have any smartphone in Bluetooth proximity like other smart devices. Hence, you can monitor your loved one from anywhere in the world.

Two-way communicator

Make and receive calls from preset phone numbers

GPS, AGPS, LBS and WiFi Triangulation

Multiple triangulation allows you to locate your loved ones up to 3 meters accuracy

Standard ID card holder

Card holder is designed to hold a standard ISO 7800 ID Card size.

SOS button for emergency

Pressing the SOS button with trigger an alert to all family members  monitoring the device with the mobile app

Long battery life

Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery lasts up to  five days  per full charge

Standard Micro USB port

Easy to charge using standard micro USB cables from most mobile phones

What Are You Waiting For?

Know where your loved ones are all the time, any time